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The public transport app …
Let it be the last time you hurried out and wait half an hour for the bus to stop! Nowadays you can consult several applications that give you information about public transport. In Moovit, for example, you can check the route of all bus lines (from Buenos Aires and other Argentine provinces), trains and subways of CABA; your stops and schedules of the day. You can select your favorite lines and include the “bondi” that you usually use. If you mark the stop where you wait for it daily, you will always have on hand the time you will pass by. In addition, this app guides you on how to get from one place to another (also on foot or by bike), with real-time data. Includes offline maps, traffic alerts, and access to check your SUBE card balance or transportation rates.

What can you do from the app?

What can you do from the app?

First, meet me and gossip all the benefits I have to offer you. My loans are very convenient because you don’t need a paycheck, paperwork or submit papers. If it is the first time that you enter, you have to register and complete some information so that I can also know something about you. Then you request the amount you want to ask me and in minutes I confirm how much I can lend you and how you will have to pay it back. If everything is ok, I deposit it immediately in your bank account.

With the money in hand, you can do what you want! But my app has much more for you! In addition to asking me for an advance, you can recharge your cell phone and pay for services. Pay your bills in one touch, at any time and without queues. How?
1- I opened the application.
2- Scan the barcode of your invoice.
3- Confirm the amount to be paid.
4- Choose if you want me to finance it (and you pay it to me next month).
5- Ready! Invoices paid.
The payment takes between 24 and 48 hours to be reflected – since we use Rapipago as a payment method – and the receipt is stored in the app so you can download it whenever you want.